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05.01.2017 by Ian Anderson
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Put it in your calendar — the 4th Sunday of the month, Balboa Park gets groovy. Regulars of Panama 66 know Gilbert Castellanos hosts a regular Wednesday night jazz jam session in the kickass courtyard restaurant. Well, in March, Sure Fire Sou ... [more]
I Love Poke Festival @ Bali Hai - 05/23/2017 Maybe the best food fest in town: I Love Poke San Diego will take place on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at the Bali Hai on Shelter Island. Running on its 8th year, this Ono Yum poke competition will feature tastings of poke and other island-inspired food and desserts. Chefs from all throughout San Diego participate and special guests from Hawaii and even outside of the United States are known to make appearances. Each ticket purchase includes the opportunity to taste offerings from chefs and restaurants participating in the event (about 30 total). NOTE: Drinks and gratuity are not included. All ticket purchases are final. No refunds are available.[more]
11 Barrel Pub Crawl @ Downtown CRAFT breweries - 05/28/2017 Downtown Brewpubs Monkey Paw, Resident & Half Door Brewing are teaming together to make “11 Barrel IPA”. This solidarity brew was founded on principles in opposition against big beer and their obfuscation in pursuit of outcomes that negatively impact both the local San Diego small beer industry and all the members of the Brewers Association defined as "small and independent American craft brewers". When a large brewer has a controlling share of a smaller producing brewery, the brewer is, by definition, not craft. We have seen many of our larger and more influential brewing companies and small brewer organizations seemingly become more complicit with the upward battle against these multinational juggernauts. We have witnessed collusion with local media, urban planners, and real estate developers and this in itself shows the sheer power and influence these big beer companies have. Insidious statements from these large, multinational brewers such as "the pub localize the brand” show just how manipulative their tactics are in hopes to regain a stranglehold on our beer industry. When "crafty" large brewers espouse propaganda that deliberately blurs the lines between small, local and independent beer it is exactly this lack of transparency that doesn’t allow beer drinkers to make an informed choice about who brews and benefits from the beer they are drinking. So this is why it is so imperative we ban together and do a far better job at shining a big bright light on the truth because it’s our industry and our communities who will suffer in the long run when all of our choices become limited as our peers and their small brands are shoved to the back of the box stores while the big beer “sock puppets” move to the forefront. So 11 Barrel IPA is just one way in which we can try and show solidarity and a common voice in opposition against these ill-intended usurpers. With a much louder unified voice by standing up against the behemoth that stands in direct opposition to our small beer values. Perhaps this can reenergize and motivate small brewers to continue to bang the drum and bring awareness to this potential industry epidemic. That being said the 11 Barrel IPA series will be a 7% IPA with 60% of the total hop bill deriving from one specific hop. From that point, each brewery will craft the rest of the recipe (water, yeast, adjunct, grain) to their unique styles and vision which are the hallmarks of small indie beer making. We plan to release these 11 Barrel IPA's on May 28th with a solidarity brewpub crawl with portions of the proceeds going to causes that will support the serious homeless crisis we are having in our community. 10 Barrel’s Garret Wales has been very pointed that “(The critics) are a very small but vocal minority” and that is a statement that is hard to accept as real news. So this inaugural batch will kick off May 10th and we are inviting all of our friends and industry members as well as fans of small beer to come down to any of our breweries to take part with us in this solidarity brew. Our doors are wide open for you to come partake with us and we all would love to have you! Details: 11 Barrel IPA – Batch 1 Style: American IPA - 7% Hops: 60% Hop - Idaho 7 Brew Date: 8 am -Mash In -Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 Pub Crawl and Official Release: Sunday, May 28th: 2 pm- 6 pm – (Bus, Walk, Bike, Run) Charity Contribution: Portions of the proceeds of each pint sold at our brewpubs will go to Downtown San Diego Homeless and Hunger causes.[more]
Sundays in the Park: A funky music monthly jam session @ Panama 66 - 05/28/2017 Alright funky people of San Diego... Panama 66 has been gracious enough to let us host a monthly funky music jam session at their beautiful venue in Balboa Park. It will be happening on the 4th Sunday of every month from 6-8p. For our first jam session the house band will be: Jake Najor - Drums Andy Geib - Trombone/Trumpet/Flute Kiko Cornejo Jr. - Percussion Matthew LaBarber - Bass Nicholas Costa - Guitar Tim Felten - Organ/Keys Jesse Audelo - Sax/Flute It's a jam session, so we'll be inviting other musicians up to sit in with us on the tunes. We'll do a sign up sheet starting at 5:30p. Here is the list of tunes we'll draw from for the session in February: Hikky Burr - Quincy Jones - E Root Down - Jimmy Smith - G Povo - Freddie Hubbard - Cm Aragon - Roy Ayers - Bbm Upshot - Grant Green - Cm Hot Pants Road - The JB's - Dm Ease Back - The Meters (Grant Green Version) - E The Weasil - Donald Byrd - C Burning Spear - S.O.U.L. - Am Jan Jan - Grant Green version - Cm EJI - Whitefield Brothers - Em Funky River - Bill Caballero/SFSE - C Backyard Boogie - SFSE - C The Hunt - SFSE - Fm Man Up - Mighty 388's - Gm Get It - Najor Threat - A We'll be posting a youtube playlist of the tunes. Learn some of the tunes and sit in with the band! We won't be providing any charts. We will provide house drum kit, bass amp, guitar amp, some percussion/congas, and Hammond Organ/Nord Electro 2. Please help us get the word out! Invite your funky friends; musicians and music lovers! Panama 66 is all ages and family friendly.[more]
Besides the Weather
Urbanist Interview Image
Christopher Puzio, Artist
Where did you grow up? I was born in Paterson, New Jersey, home to poet William Carlos Williams, who was also my dad’s pediatrician. I grew up in the suburbs and along the Jersey shore. Big Catholic family. Springsteen soundtrack. Still go back twice a year to get my Jersey on. What brought you to […] [more]