• Nate Benedetto Urbanist Guide
    In conjunction with URBANIST Nate is also very active in the San Diego Commercial Real Estate market. If you are looking for an investment property, a restaurant, or office space, please contact him here.
  • Ian Anderson Urbanist Guide
    A freelance writer and consultant, Ian routinely reports on beer, food, coffee, travel and current events, along with occasional features and local news stories covering greater San Diego. To put it another way: he’s a journalist and culturalist, as well as an urbanist. @andersonstories
  • Mike McAllister Urbanist Guide
    In addition to launching Urbanist in Pittsburgh, you can find Michael working on projects for Epic Development, an epic development & strategy firm launched in 2012.


MISSION STATEMENT URBANIST guide aims to produce the best printed city guides in the nation. Since 2009 URBANIST has made it easy for both tourists and locals to pinpoint the outstanding local businesses in San Diego. With the addition of two more cities in 2013, URBANIST looks to create an expanded network of some of the best small businesses in the country. We are continually inspired by the entrepreneurs who have risked so much to create a unique experience for locals and visitors. They deserve your support. Restaurants that spark conversation. Shopping that encourages individuality. Nightlife that favors authenticity. Salons that understand you. Art that excites you. We believe the businesses listed here represent the best our select cities have to offer.
URBANIST guide is printed annually and distributed consistently throughout the year. URBANIST is a free, fold-out, full color, print publication that can be found all over the downtown and uptown area of San Diego and Pittsburgh (so far).
Look for URBANIST at:
  • Featured Business Locations (see Category / Neighborhood pages)
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  • Downtown/Uptown Hotels
  • Coffee Shops and Restaurants
  • Special Events and Festivals
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Condo Sales Studios
URBANIST guides are free, and a perfect tool for:
  • Conferences
  • Wedding Parties / Weddings near downtown
  • Event Gift Bags
ADVERTISING URBANIST provides the best print and web advertising value in our select cities. Contact us for a media kit at:
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