Contemporary art lovers, drop your plans for relaxation this weekend! Or at least recontextualize them. Art San Diego is upon us, bombarding the city with a colossal inventory of art events. This is a weekend for running back and forth between the Hilton Bayfront Hotel and the city’s galleries. Efficient time management is key: You can get Art San Diego out of your system and still make it to the Great American Showcase on Sunday. And, thankfully, you have Monday for listening to waves crash, lying on the couch, or slinging burgers on the BBQ.
From Andrew Oslovar’s video performance in ArtLab05. X.O. Has the Conn
Art San Diego has so much going on, it’s daunting to try to make sense of it all. So a breakdown of their website might actually be helpful. If you go to the ArtLabs section, which you definitely want to do, you can click on the date and all that date’s ArtLabs will drop down. You can also click on all the ArtLabs to learn more about them and their various locations, sometimes at the Hilton, often at other galleries around the city. Clicking on Exhibitors (or Galleries at the bottom) gives you a list of galleries that will be showing at booths in the Hilton. Conversations will show you exactly that, with a list of speakers, and what sounds like a cool talk about “Shazam for Art” by the president of Collectrium. And, on the site as well as at the Hilton, you can watch short films about the artistic process of artists like Mark Bradford and Rodarte, and how David Adey built his John Henry installation in La Jolla last year.
Photo from ArtLab02. (In)Visible: A Human Portrait of San Diego’s Homeless Population
Here are some ArtLabs that sound particularly worth checking out:

Happening Throughout
ArtLab01. Frame of Reference @ The Hilton Bayfront Indigo Ballroom Hallway
ArtLab02. (In)Visible: A Human Portrait of San Diego’s Homeless Population @ The Hilton Bayfront Indigo Terrace Foyer
ArtLab07: With These Hands (augmented reality experience) @ various points in the sky from sunset to sunrise 
Thursday, September 1st
ArtLab05. X.O. Has the Conn @ The Hilton Bayfront Hotel Pool Deck (ticket required)
From Arteria, by Todd Partridge, ArtLab13. FreeWaves
Friday, September 2nd
ArtLab12. Art(ist) in Context: Or How I Learned to Scrub the City of Undesirable Elements and Inscribe Economic Viability onto the Urban Landscape @ Agitprop, 2837 University Ave at Utah
ArtLab13. FreeWaves @ Art Produce Gallery, 3139 University Ave
Saturday, September 3rd
ArtLab14. Adaptable Sites @ The Periscope Project, 300 Block of 15th Street btwn J and K
ArtLab17. Twins in Twain: Agreed Invisible Tethers Between Strangers @ The Front Gallery at Casa Familiar in San Ysidro + La Casa del Túnel in Tijuana
The Periscope Project, site of ArtLab14. Adaptable Sites

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