We already knew Balboa Park and Barrio Logan were invaluable cultural centers of our city, and now they’ve been recognized as vital to the entire state. The California Arts Council just announced the two as California Cultural Districts.

It’s the first time such a designation has been made, and it carries a term of five years. Out of dozens of applicants, only fourteen districts were selected, statewide, including downtown Oceanside, and Little Tokyo in LA. Each district receives a $5,000 annual grant to support their efforts “highlighting thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities within local communities across California.”

There’s little doubt Barrio Logan fits that bill. The Arts Council hailed the historic neighborhood as being “driven by a grassroots coalition of artists, community leaders, residents, and business owners who embody culture and are passionate about preserving it while staying relevant.”

Obviously, Balboa Park reigns as one of the top destinations in the city, for tourists and locals alike. The Arts Council praised its 100+ nonprofit and community organizations, proclaiming “Its greatest strength lies in the sheer number of cultural organizations within it, reflecting a diversity of disciplines, and providing a variety of immersion opportunities for visitors.” Its family-friendliness also didn’t hurt.