To those of you who have read about Pizza Parlay and are considering submitting a grant proposal for a creative project, please read about our proposal guidelines and info on how to submit, below. If you have a question not covered in our FAQ section, email us and we’ll help you out! We’re excited to read your proposals, just like you, we can’t wait to find out which project wins!

How to apply to Pizza Parlay:

Whether in explicit, bullet form, or a narrative structure, your proposal needs to answer these questions within the confines of one page only. Be very clear, concise and introduce your project well in the first lines:

 What is the name of your project?
 Describe it. What is the medium? What is it about, or what does it do?
 How are you executing it?
 What is your timeline? Where are you in the process now?
 What inspired or motivated you to create it?
 What would the money be used for?
• What inspires your work in general?

Make sure to include your name on the proposal (do NOT write Pizza Parlay at the top as voters may be confused), and feel free to include an email address if you’re comfortable with attendees potentially contacting you. If chosen for the Parlay, your proposal will be included in a packet of proposals that will be handed out to voting Pizza Parlay attendees.

Send the proposal as a PDF file to by the Monday before the Parlay (Pizza Parlay #4 deadline: Monday, September 10th). The email subject should be “Parlay:” followed by the name of your project, or what it is (ie, Parlay: short film). The PDF should be named with the title of your project (shortened is fine). If it’s currently untitled, then name the PDF with the name that it is under (ie, your last name, organization, band name, etc.).

(These are subject to change.)

What kinds of projects does Pizza Parlay accept?
Pizza Parlay is geared toward creative projects, though creative is a vague term on purpose. Your proposal could be for a sculpture, a film, an art show, a conference, a concert, a street fair, a gallery space, an events series, an after school program, etc. It could even be something that fosters creativity or invites it into our community. If you are unsure of whether your project fits the bill, email us to discuss.

What is the deadline for submissions?
The deadline for submissions is the Monday before the Pizza Parlay. If a proposal is incomplete, or for some reason not acceptable, we will notify you after you submit. Selections for the Parlay will be notified the day after the deadline.

Is there an application fee?
All applicants are expected to attend their Pizza Parlay and pay the $12 cover. Currently, you can consider that $12 cover your application fee, paid upon entrance to the party. This may change for other Parlays in the future.

What are the guidelines? What does a proposal look like? 
The proposal must fit onto one page. Images, while not necessary, are allowed. It’s important to keep it clear and concise, or else people might not even read it, let alone vote for it. Get to the core of your project immediately, and keep the proposal as short as possible. Make sure to clearly answer the questions whether you do so explicitly in bullet points or it fits into a narrative structure is up to you. We print in black + white.

Remember, many of the voters do not know you and know nothing about your project. They also have a whole packet of other proposals to look through while eating pizza, having a drink, chatting with their friends, and networking themselves. Make everyone see why your project is a strong contender! Otherwise, they will glaze over and skip to the next!

How much is the grant?
Grants are dependant on the amount of people who attend that month’s Pizza Parlay. $10 from each cover will go toward the grant, so if 30 people attend, the grant will be $300. If 100 people show up, it will be $1,000. Winners will also receive a free, 3-month membership to 3rdSpace, and those who come in 2nd and 3rd place each win a free, 1-month membership to 3rdSpace. URBANIST, 3rdSpace and the hosting space will spread the word, and we imagine those who submit will try to get their friends to join in the fun as well.

That last line sounds like nepotism! Does that mean the person with the most friends wins?
No. Everyone, including contestants, votes for 3 projects. While it’s possible that someone can win by knowing substantially more people at the event, this policy increases the likelihood of a merit-based win. And it’s a small world friends overlap. 

Am I allowed to say that I plan to use the money to pay myself for my time?
Yes. This grant is to help you get the resources you need. Time and the ability to focus on your goal are valuable resources.

If my project is selected for inclusion, do I have to be present at the Pizza Parlay?
As a rule, yes. If there is any reason that you absolutely cannot attend, email us to discuss the circumstances. It’s possible we may make exceptions from time to time.

If I don’t win, can I submit the same project again?
As a rule, yes. Though you should contemplate whether any changes would make your proposal stronger and benefit your chances of winning the next time around. (Without, of course, compromising the integrity of your project.) Email us to discuss resubmitting.

If I don’t win, will it be a waste of my time?
No. In submitting to Pizza Parlay, you are gaining exposure by sharing your proposal with a group of your peers and members of a larger community. You may meet people who are interested in your project or find opportunities to collaborate, gain resources or widen your network. Plus, every time you put your ideas in writing, you gain new insight into your project and can better articulate your concept and goals.

What happens if I win? And what is expected of me?
You will be contacted the next day, we will get the funds to you, and we will mention the winning project on We will contact you for updates on your project (and we ask that you proactively keep us updated), so we can potentially share your progress or success story. You will be expected to present your completed/advanced project at a future Pizza Parlay so attendees can get a taste of where the funds have gone in the past.

What happens if I win? Can I submit another project?
You can submit another project as soon as your winning project is completed or successfully underway. If you fail to complete or make substantial progress on your winning project, you can submit a new project no sooner than one year from your previous win, but you must also include a statement under 400 words, explaining why the previous project wasn’t completed. We will review it, and if we choose to submit your new proposal, your statement may be included in the handout package.

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