I’m always smitten when I walk in to Material and see new Free People, their spring line always screams “i’m super cute but laid back.” These pieces below are no exception. I want these, and I want to wear them to a music festival, end of story.
Free People Sateen Dress ($108) but on sale for ($76.50), score!
This reminds me of a hippie version of an ink blot test…i heart it.
Free People Elephant Top ($88)
They are one of the few boutiques I know of to carry Gentle Fawn, round of applause please…
Gentle Fawn Beat Lace Dress ($78)
Plenty for the men as well, this shirt stood out to me.  Kind of a ‘Fear and Loathing’ feel
Insight- Young Nomad tee ($34)
Happy Shopping!

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