Tonight is Kettner Nights and Sunday is Mother’s Day, which creates a great excuse to visit Mixture this evening to grab unique, design-forward gifts and check out Stephanie Paige’s art on the walls. Paige’s serene, abstract works capture the feel of the Southern California seascape and landscape, often with textured color blocks created with richly colored marble dust plaster, iron and copper paints, patina, glazing, recycled materials and more. The works are large and plentiful; it’s impressive to see just how many of Paige’s paintings are there.

stephanie paige

Art by Stephanie Paige

This weekend, they are donating 10% from all purchases of Stephanie Paige’s art to the Polinsky Children’s Center, which provides temporary shelter to children who need to be separated from their parents. During the month of May, Mixture is also offering 20% off of jewelry by MarieChavez.

Stephanie Paige

Art by Stephanie Paige

And here’s a friendly tip: Don’t miss Mixture’s parties. Yesterday, when we stopped by Paige’s show, owners Brumby and Misti Broussard were plating up food that Brumby, also a trained chef, cooked for the party. Pasta with sausage and peppers, and a beef stew with cheese grits. And freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. When Mixture is having a special event, you should make it a point to go, because that unexpected Southern hospitality is uplifting and tasty.