Most individuals in their mid 20’s and 30’s don’t plan their coveted Friday nights around the rollerskating rink…unless your 8 year old niece is having a birthday party…even then that’s a soft yes on the invitation. 
However when you find out that Turista Libre’s next event is going to be Rollerskating in Tijuana on a Friday night, then it’s a hard yes on that invite!
As always the trips/tours provided by Turista Libre are centered around events or activities not normally embarked upon on when visiting Tijuana. The best way to describe it is atypical tours for atypical people. Each event, or adventure I should say, includes the main activity usually followed by trips  to some of Tijuana’s hippest local bars and restaurants. On this particular instance we finished rollerskating to grab drinks at Tijuana’s famous Mezcal Bar “La Mezcalera,” followed by food at a local torta stand and then eventually arriving for drinks and dancing at “La Chupiteria.
While the night ended early for me, at midnight, others stayed to dance the night away…without roller skates unfortunately.
For anyone interested in going on future Turista Libre trips they can always be reached through their website or through their facebook page. The trips are always very well planned out, offer accurate directions, transportation and most importantly fun in a foreign country…
Photos Courtesy of Jorge Ledezma

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