Each month, the Urbanist team highlights five of our favorite local finds.

1. Birdy Bardot
The debut rocker from the new record speaks for itself — check out that voice!

2. Pig Meets Ramen
Two of our favorites in one dish! For June only, Carnitas’ Snack Shack pork belly found its way into a bowl of Tajima Ramen! If it’s not July yet, get in on this dream come true!

3. Balboa Park After Dark
Late night museum hours are back this summer, making Balboa the ideal Friday night date destination. El Prado’s even more beautiful after dark…

4. Dark Energy
Melissa Walter’s string installation at 1805 Gallery lasts til July 9th — a great time to see is the June 28 viewing reception, with a talk by the artist.

5. Cupcakes!
The last day of June, the 10th Annual Cupcake Extravaganza begins at Eclipse Chocolate