Urbanist took this week to go on a holiday hunt, scouring urban San Diego for special gifts to keep you shopping locally, away from the painfully crowded malls and chains. There are so many cool gifts, we’re breaking the guide into three editions: Home, Apparel and Food + Drink.

We present to you the Apparel Edition (Part 2) of the 2011 Urbanist Holiday Gift Guide, featuring cool accessories from some of our favorite local shops. It’s the companion to our Home and upcoming Food + Drink editions. We loved so many things and couldn’t possibly photograph everything, so it’s up to you to hit the spots with the stuff you like and see what else they’ve got! 
Aloha Sunday (3118 University Avenue, North Park)
• Aloha Sunday adjustable unisex button rings (local brand), $20
• Whipping Post Picker’s Wallet, $34
Make Good (2207 Fern Street, South Park)
• Jenny B purses and wallets, $40$95
• Knit hats by various artists, various prices ~ $30
All locally made.
5&A Dime (701 8th Ave, East Village)
• Shwood sunglasses, $150$180
• Silvano wood watches, ~ $70
• Marshall Artist Belts, $80 
Mimi & Red (3032 University Avenue, North Park)
• Knit women’s infinity scarves, $18$24
• Nixon women’s watches (local brand), $60
Crow Thief (3009 Grape Street)
• Crow Thief men’s knit scarves (locally made), $36$42
• Cowboy Code men’s powder bag, $12
Cirello Gallery (3803 Ray Street, North Park)
• Cirello women’s and men’s reclaimed stainless steel jewelry (locally made),
   cuffs $98138, rings $52$68, earrings $38$80

 (Local brand, visit website to purchase or find locations)
• Earphones, Billets $69.99$89.99, SITi $159$179

Mythology Eco Boutique
 (2365 30th Street, South Park)
• Richard Fredrick (Manta) cruelty-free faux leather belts (locally made),
   blanks start at $20, prices vary w/ optional addition of studs and crystals. 
Rubber Soul Vintage Clothing (New! 625 8th Avenue, East Village)
• Ties (they have over 150 to choose from), $10 each, three for $20

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