Thriving cities depend on the adventurous among us, who alter the urban landscape when they forge their own successful paths.

Each month, we ask an influential San Diegan: What was it like for you in the beginning?

Alfredo Jaime + Rodolfo Farber

Cofounders,  Jaime Partners,

Jaime Partners is a building and construction management company responsible for bringing the visions of some of San Diego’s best architects and interior designers to life. You’ll see their work whenever you visit Bracero Cocina or Kettner Exchange in Little Italy, Herringbone in La Jolla or Puesto at the Headquarters.

What was the moment that propelled you to open your own business?
We wanted to create something that would make our unique vision and values thrive within the construction industry. A main reason we started Jaime Partners is because we wanted to provide more to the clients than just general contractors, such as preconstruction services. This is a unique company since we provide so many services to San Diego’s restaurateurs. These services allow the client to receive all necessary tools in constructing a restaurant or business in a singular place. This includes a vision development step that allows us to understand what the client wants, from there we can put together the team to deliver a project based on the client’s vision.

With over 14 years of experience, we love what we do and thought it would be the right move to make a difference in the community of San Diego.

What struggles did you face starting Jaime Partners?
Making sure all documentation was in place to cover all the liabilities that could possibly add up. We do creative work, so our imagination and drive led to more paperwork and complications when we first got our start. With just the two partners starting together years ago, it was a tough endeavor to provide the best services possible without all the administrative support. Now with a great team behind us, celebrating our value of unity in diversity, all of our projects run smoothly and are done in a timely manner that leave clients happy!

What was the riskiest business move you ever made?
When we first started out and starting growing rapidly, we knew we had to bring people on board to help us expand the company. We needed to make sure they were the best at what they do! It was a risk to hire as many people as we did while growing into different markets – it’s a balancing act. After working with many restaurants that turned into popular thriving establishments in San Diego, it was another risk to expand into other markets and types of projects. By moving through that risk and going for it, we were able to succeed in other markets, which can be viewed on our website.

If you could change the past, is there anything in your career you’d do differently?
We would have loved to start the company earlier than we did. We took the time to plan everything out, but we love what we do and it would have been great to get started sooner!

Could you ever go back to a “normal job” working for someone else?
After creating our own company and steering it in a way that manifested success, it would be difficult to work for someone else. By running our own company it creates positive energy within ourselves, especially having that leadership in San Diego. The ability to drive our own success is absolutely key. It is fun when we meet a client and can work with them one on one to make their dream come to life.

What personality traits must a successful business owner possess?
In our point of view: curiosity, compassion, empathy, attention to detail and focusing on the big picture. Character with emotional resilience is key to launch drive and success. We would always tell eager and potential business owners to learn from the past, to be present and strategize for the future.

In the beginning, if you could have had a glimpse into where your work is today, what three words describe how you might have felt?
We would probably have been very impressed, interested and considered ourselves visionaries to see how much dedication and hard work we had put into Jaime Partners to grow the company to where it is today.