It's no secret San Diego has the best weather. Each month we ask one of our favorite San Diegans:

What else makes this city great?

Andrew Rowley

Videographer, Editor and Co-Owner ,  Rowlberto Productions,
Live: North Park
Work: University Heights
How Long: my entire 28 years

Where did you grow up?  Growing up I lived in a handful of spots around the county, but pretty much grew up in Rancho Penesquitos. As a kid I was pretty active in sports, baseball and football, then picked up surfing in middle school. Got my first video camera in high school and started to film my friends skateboarding and surfing around town. I loved to make little videos of all kinds and just never really stopped.

What has kept you in San Diego all these years?  Being born and raised in San Diego, I feel like a rare breed these days. It’s such a transplant city, but it’s perfect. I have been lucky enough to work for some great companies in town, like 91X and Slacker Radio, that helped launch my career in music and video production, but I’ve definitely been tempted to hit the road. As long as opportunities keep presenting themselves, I’ll stick around.

Besides the weather, why do you continue to call San Diego home?  San Diego will always be home to me. Yes, the weather is nice, the Mexican food is the best, the waves are fun, but it’s really the people here that make it home for me.