It's no secret San Diego has the best weather. Each month we ask one of our favorite San Diegans:

What else makes this city great?

Brian Beevers

Owner,  Simply Local , Brian's Farmers' Markets,
Live: City Heights
Work: North Park, Golden Hill, The Headquarters, UTC
How Long: 17 years

Simply Local isn’t just the name of his retail business, it sums up the motivation behind all of Brian’s work. In addition to selling all-locally-produced wares in his North Park and Headquarters at Seaport Village shops, Brian operates farmers’ markets and recently took over producing the monthly Ray at Night art walk, revitalizing the event that features local artists, artisans, food and bands.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a small farming town in central California, called Denair.  I was incredibly lucky to have lived the life of building tree houses, driving tractors (well before legal age to drive), and running barefoot practically everywhere.  I spent most of my time outside digging holes, catching frogs, and playing catch with my dad, or shadowing him while he fixed cars, built things.  At dusk my mom would yell at the top of her lungs out the back door to come inside when dinner was ready.  It might sound made-up or embellished, but this is all 100% true of my upbringing. Oddly enough, I longed to live in the big city.

What brought you to San Diego?
I came to San Diego for college, then after finishing college I lived in Washington DC and Boston for 2 years.  Eventually, San Diego called me back to be closer to friends,  family in central California, and the ocean.

Besides the weather, why do you continue to call San Diego home?
I have been introduced to some of the best people in the world right here in San Diego. For me, being in a place that people truly care about makes all the difference. Second to that, I have built my businesses here in San Diego. Continuing to serve the local communities through my farmers’ markets and my Simply Local retail shops is a joy to me.


*Photo by Chad Thompson