Each month we ask one of our favorite San Diegans the question:

If you only had 24 hours to show a friend the best that urban San Diego has to offer, where would you take them?

Chantal Pasag

Product & Freelance Photographer,  Pigment,  http://www.pasagraphy.com
Live: North Park
Work: North Park
How Long: 11 years

BREAKFAST: Ranchos Cocina. You can have a Surf & Turf Burrito at 9am, or order a proper Mexican breakfast like huevos rancheros, or Chorizo con huevo. They also have really great vegetarian/vegan options. And, I love their coffee – it’s brewed with cinnamon and something else magical; some of the best coffee in town! I know that’s a stretch considering North Park is spotted with a handful of great coffee spots. There’s also Nate’s Garden Grill, by the City Farmer’s Nursery. They cook on a big grill outside, so their breakfast skillets are extra smoky and delicious.

LUNCH: Ironside. Oysters and Rosé when I feel like being fancy. Urban Solace when I want a tasty Hamburger. They have a tomato jam they slather on, which makes it extra special. Otherwise I have my go-to: Street Side Kitchen Thai that has some great lunch specials. Plus it’s right near our studio. Convenient, tasty, and affordable.

DINNER: Jayne’s Gastropub – always and forever. We love the owners, and the staff. It’s been my go-to since they opened. Simple, but very tasty menu. I’ll usually order the Fish & Chips, or if I’m feeling naughty I’ll go for the Lamb’s Shepard Pie. It’s divine! Oh, and the Sticky toffee Pudding is a must. Great atmosphere – intimate and cozy.

BAR: 7Grand. A lovely whiskey bar that’s always night-time/dark inside. Friendly staff, and great cocktails. Plus an assortment of Bourbons and Scotch to be had straight up. Polite Provisions is another classy establishment that I like to frequent. It’s what I want my future home bar to look like – marble floors and scotch drinks on tap, with fancy brass handles. Their Full Windsor is where it’s at.