Each month we ask one of our favorite San Diegans the question:

If you only had 24 hours to show a friend the best that urban San Diego has to offer, where would you take them?

Dane Danner

Designer / Illustrator,  Moon Ears,  http://www.danedanner.com/
Live: East County
Work: East Village
How Long: Native San Diegan

For breakfast I’d go to the Waterfront. The walls of the Waterfront showcase the true beginnings of San Diego, which is the Tuna Fishing Industry! That and it feels, tastes and looks like you are on a boat. Some real history in that location. I think the waterline was right there before all the dredging? They have all your usual breakfast offerings and they do a good job.

Any guest of mine would want to skate WSVT.  After, we would probably lunch close at Blue Water. I’d get the seared Ahi Sandwich because it’s what I get every time! Good thing Blue Water is casual because we would probably be sweaty after our session. Patio seating is a must.Always a good host, I’d take my out-of-towers to Sunset Cliffs for a surf. Then we would head back in to town to eat at Ironside Fish & Oyster. This place is amazing. The hospitality and quality of food and drink is second to none. San Diego’s proximity to the water means lots of Omega 3’s for me. Most people could only dream of seafood twice in one day!

For drinks we would go to Bar Pink to see if we could catch a glimpse of Swami John Reis. The man is a legend! (Since this is my daydream) we would drink Pabst Blue Ribbon out of tall cans and wait for Rocket From The Crypt, The Night Marchers or Drive Like Jehu to go on. Hey, it could happen!