It's no secret San Diego has the best weather. Each month we ask one of our favorite San Diegans:

What else makes this city great?

Howard Blackson

Principal + Director of Planning,  Placemakers,
Live: North Park
Work: North Park
How Long: Nine years

Where did you grow up?

I’m from San Diego and grew up in Spring Valley back when it was on the edge of town. We moved just before high school and I earned my undergrad degree from University of Texas, and then my Masters in Urban Design from the University of Westminster, London. I have lived in the South Park end of North Park for the past nine years. It’s the neighborhood where my mom grew up.

Where do you work?

Fortunately, I work from my home office and hold my meetings at Vagabond. For public events, Sam Chammas not only opens Whistle Stop, but he also gives 25% of the bar tab to support the event and non-profit groups.

Why do you continue to call San Diego home (Besides the Weather)?

Because this is where I’m from… it’s as simple as that. It’s fun to watch our city learn how to be urban again, and one day East Village’s condos, Little Italy’s restaurants and Gaslamp’s bars will coalesce with a great urban waterfront to form a world-class city. Culture takes time to cultivate. I’m watching with great interest as our old surf, sun and sailing culture begins to add beer, bikes and breakfast to the mix.

San Diego will only get better with age as it is still a relatively young city and with a long history of people scratching out a living here. My neighbors are an eclectic mix of highly educated scientists, hip entrepreneurs, developers, environmentalists, new retirees and long-time residents who can age here due to their really low property taxes. My kids, fourth generation San Diegans, get to grow up with sand between their toes and freckles on their noses, being raised by a working mom who looks great in a bikini. I am very fortunate to be here today.