It's no secret San Diego has the best weather. Each month we ask one of our favorite San Diegans:

What else makes this city great?

Scot Chisholm

Founder, CEO,  StayClassy,
Live: Little Italy
Work: Gaslamp
How Long: 1 year

Where did you grow up?
Hingham, MA (20 min south of Boston on the South Shore)

When did you move to San Diego? Why?
I moved to San Diego in 2004, immediately after graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I drove out with my brother and Dad, and they dropped me off with two high school friends who were already living here in Ocean Beach. I moved out for a change of pace from the East Coast and originally only planned on staying for a year. The day I moved in, there was a pizza shop opening on my street, so I walked in and applied for a job. The owner questioned my motives after seeing my engineering resume, but I ensured him that this was exactly what I was looking for. The next three months were highly enjoyable and consisted of slinging pizzas, and helping to build their business. At one point, a guy from Booz Allen Hamilton came in to order, we struck up a conversation, and he ended up hiring me. I tried to work the pizza joint part time, but eventually phased out to focus on focus on management consulting for the next three years. A year into it, I started StayClassy on the side with a few friends.

Besides the Weather, why do you continue to call San Diego home?

Our company, StayClassy has been headquartered here since 2006. I’ve also since started a family here as well, and had a baby boy named Roen last October. I view San Diego as one of the most up and coming cities in the country, and the technology startup scene, of which we are a part, is starting to pick up. Our company takes pride in calling San Diego home, and let’s get serious, with a name like “StayClassy” we aren’t going anywhere.