It's no secret San Diego has the best weather. Each month we ask one of our favorite San Diegans:

What else makes this city great?

Terri Beth Mitchell

Designer at PR1ZE, Former Event Director at TEDxAmerica's Finest City,  Pr1ze,
Live: Hillcrest
Work: Hillcrest
How Long: 3 years

Where did you grow up?

I’m from a far away land called the Midwest. I took the military enlistment route out of town, and was stationed at another location in the Midwest for several more years. After the Air Force, I did the exact opposite – I went to art school. I hung out with the art kids, sketched hairy naked girls in drawing class and found my calling as a designer – gaining the confidence to escape the landlock (both physical and mental).

Why did you move to San Diego?

To decide where I wanted to move, I got a big map of the world. I closed my eyes and threw a dart at that map. The dart landed somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. So I chose San Diego instead. I felt SD had room to grow, and room for me. Everything about it exuded positivity and a way of living I had never experienced before.

Besides the weather, why do you continue to call San Diego home?

First of all – the rent. I love the challenge it presents every month. Will I, or won’t I? Keeps me on my toes.

Actually, the first time I had ever been to San Diego – and California, even – was the day I moved here in August of 2007. I packed my car full of the only possessions I was bringing with me, and as I drove west on the 8 into SD, I felt like I was entering a paradise. Turns out I was. When you stop referring to the town you grew up as “home,” and start thinking of your current address as such – you know you’ve found your place. There’s a certain newness about San Diego that I appreciate. We’re still young, still hopeful, still growing. Still evolving. There are possibilities unseen. I relate to that, and I hope I always will.